Made by me
on our Angus Farm

Sandy and I run our business from our farm kitchen in Angus where we have fun making great products and even more fun trying out new recipes on friends and family!
Enjoy looking through our range.


My Jams

Ranging from traditional flavours, to modern twists, enjoy our selection.

My Marmalades

A refreshing addition to any morning breakfast table or cake making!


My Zingy Curds

A smooth creamy texture with flavours of lemon, lime and orange.

My Savory Range

From cheese board companions to a sandwich enhancer we have a great selection to choose from.


Don't just take my word for it...

Your lemon curd tastes amazing, so much smoother and tastier than ones I remember from my childhood (I'm 63). Keep up the great work.


I recently bought some of your lemon curd from a local shop in Alford, Aberdeenshire. Can I say, it was totally delicious. I actually ended up drizzling it on strawberries. Perfection!